Subject covered

The title of the MakeLearn 2014 is Human Capital without Borders: Knowledge and Learning for Quality of Life.


Every paper submitted should contain at least one of the following words in the keywords: knowledge, management, learning, education, information technology, quality of life, European Union, globalization.


We welcome papers in the fields of (but not limited to):

- business process management, human resource management, industrial relations
- organisational behaviour
- industrial management
- operations management
- supply chain management, marketing
- data systems, expert systems
- information management systems, decision making, decision support systems,
- artificial intelligence and machine learning, e-commerce management, innovation management
- technology management, quality management, knowledge management, organisational learning and learning society, social networking and social media, management of education and training, knowledge based society
- law, human rights and democracy


Apart from all listed topics we introduce three special sessions:

- EMUNI session 1: ICT Hands-On project (HANDSON) for »learning-by-doing« in education
- EMUNI session 2: Mediterranean cultures in higher education
- EMUNI session 3: Higher education&research in Euro-Mediterranean (EUROMED) partnership

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