Conference 2014 aims

Human Capital without Borders: Knowledge and Learning for Quality of Life 


Human capital enables success for individuals, organizations and societies. It is a function of the quantity and quality of education, learning and experience accumulated by individuals. Human capital is reflected not only in the quality of work, its innovativess, financial and non-financial performance, but also reflects the relation of the individuals to themselves, their professional careers, health, society and the environment. Quality of life in modern societies depends directly on the quantity of human capital accumulated by citizens, organizations and societies over the years.

Human capital is directly connected to the management of knowledge, either at the level of individuals, organizations or societies. They all should be enabled to acquire knowledge, disseminate it and apply it in order to create an added value which could build the quality of life. The MakeLearn conference therefore welcomes contributions that focus on knowledge and learning, support for learning and innovation.

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