Best paper awards

MakeLearn 2014 has announced three best paper awards. The conference board congratulates winners of the MakeLearn 2014 best conference paper awards:


Paper title: The Lubelskie Vocational Qualifications Framework - an Innovative Approach to Effective Teaching of Professionals

Author(s): Mariusz Kicia

Institution: Maria Curie Skłodowska University, Poland

Paper title: The Determintants of Strategic Choice over Openness: Scale-Based Competition, Slack Resources and the Innovativeness of Product Portfolio

Author(s): Szabolcs Szilard Sebrek, Betsabé Perez Garrido, 

Institution: University of Pannonia, Hungary


Paper title: Investments in Employees: Attitudes and Practices in Croatian Enterprises

Author(s): Srećko Goić, Maja Planinić

Institution: Univesity of Split, Faculty of Economics, Croatia; HEP - operator distribucijskog sustava, d.o.o, Croatia


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