About Portorož and the region

There, where the Gulf of Triest as an organic part of the Adriatic Sea reaches at its most to the heart of Europe, lies the Slovenian Coast and Portorož. The Slovenian Coast borders to the two neighbouring countries: over the sea and on the eastern edge with Italy, on south with Croatia. In accordance with identification method applied to the big European cities, it could be said that Portorož lies somewhere between Venice and Vienna in the vicinity of Triest. Along the existing communication links, it is quite near to cities of Zagreb, Graz, Salzburg, Muenchen, Budapest. Click here for more information about the Slovenian Coast region.


Today Portorož is a popular place either for work or vacation and entertainment. Many comfortable hotels are witness to that, with their modern pools, varied culinary proposal of restaurants, and the events ettracting visitors from afar. Portorož is also a popular congress location. A visit to the nearby countryside, can colour your day. The coastal towns of Piran, Izola and Koper are intertwined with narrow streets, leading to picturesque squares, encircled with mighty palaces. From the villages in hinterland, magnificent views of Istria open up, during spells of nice weather even Alps can be admired. Close by Karst offers different possibilities: visit to subterranean caves or to stud farm Lipica, home of famous Lipizzaner horses, the horses of the former Austrian Imperial Court.


Click here for more information about Portorož and larger hinterland, customs and regional parks.

Slovenia is the only country in Europe that combines the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst. It combines remarkable beauty, sprawling forests, traditional crafts and ancient monuments with modern architecture and a cutting-edge arts and cultural life. Located at the northeastern end of the Adriatic Sea, this small, Alpine country controls some of Europe's major transit routes. For additional information about Slovenia and its attractions please click here. Slovenia on Wikipedia (click here).


Portorož (Source: Tourist board Portorož, 2013)


Portorož at night (Source: Tourist board Portorož, 2013)


Portorož - central beach (Source: Tourist board Portorož, 2013)


Sečovlje salina natural park (Source: Tourist board Portorož, 2013)


Bay of moon (Source: Tourist board Portorož, 2013)


Fiesa (Source: Tourist board Portorož, 2013)


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