Trip to Škocjan Caves

MakeLearn 2014 participants will have an opportunity of a trip to Škocjan Caves. The trip will include a light lunch and dinner and will also provide the participants with a great opportunity of discovering one of the major attractions of the mysterious region of Kras.


The Škocjan Caves, sculpted by the flow of an intermittent river eroding limestone, have been included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List since 1987. They are considered to be the most beautiful underground caves of the Slovenian karst region of Kras. The Škocjan Caves are famous for spectacular dripstones and a string of underground chambers located along a 5.8-kilometre long cave system covering an area of 1.2 hectares. The exceptional volume of the underground canyon is what distinguishes the Škocjan Caves from other caves and places them among the most famous underground features in the world.

Note: Warm clothes and footwear are recommended for the one-and-a-half hour tour of the Škocjan Caves, where the temperature is a constant 12º C.   






For more information about Piran, Portorož and the Škocjan caves click here.  


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