Keynote speakers

Thursday, 26 June 2014, 9.30-10.00

Keynote speaker: Professor David Gibson OBE, Queen's University Management School, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Topic: Building the Entrepreneurial Learning Ecosystem to change the Economy


Based on his work on embedding Entrepreneurship into Universities Professor Gibson will show  how regional and national economy's can be enhanced by building an Entrepreneurial ecosystem



Thursday, 26 June 2014, 10.00-10.30

Keynote speaker: Mr. Jože Urh, Mercuri International, d. o. o., Ljubljana, Slovenia

Topic: People Management in Practice - Experiences and Dilemmas from Different Industries


Keynote speaker Mr. Urh presents how people management or HRM works in real situations in different industries. Moreover, the following topics are presented: searching and/or developing talents and high performers; individual and/or group development, relationship between company culture, values and people management, relationship between company goals and strategies and development of key competences; the role of HRM function and the role of immediate/direct leaders; main practical dilemmas.

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